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Big Backpack

I tend to forget just how little Elise really is. When I’m around her, she seems larger than life. However after I dropped her off at school this morning, it hit me like a ton of bricks that she’s tiny! Her backpack looked absolutely massive on her, and I couldn’t stop being amazed at how her tiny stick legs were walking, taking her to her classroom. Taking my daughter to school every day is such a joy.

Elise’s 7th Birthday

Miles basically imitates Elise every day. Tonight, Elise had a 7 candle on her cupcake, so Miles reeeeally wanted a candle on his cupcake too, hence the tiny crayon-looking candle in this photo (just to the left of the 7 candle).


Is it me or are chocolate cupcakes getting bigger every year?


Thank you everyone for the beautiful cards, flowers, and balloons!


The big news from this birthday is the addition of Zelda Ruby Binkowski to the family. Zelda is a beautiful and graceful Betta fish. She was so happy in her new environment she swam a hundred laps around the bowl for over an hour.