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— Steve Jobs

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I Bought an iPhone

I know, it’s nutty. I’ve never had a personal cell phone before this. There’s no point in me writing up a review since there are literally hundreds if you search Google News or do virtually any blog.

I went to the Twelve Oaks Apple store in Novi, walked to the back display unit, futzed around with it for about 2 minutes then walked over to the register and bought it. No waiting in line. No camping. All the hype around this device made me think I’d have a poor store experience but it was great.

What I will say about the device is this. I think it’s Insanely Great™ and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m anxiously awaiting news of someone finding a way to install 3rd party apps on it. Even a way to just move data back and forth without having to use iTunes.

The Google Maps feature is something I desperately need because I ALWAYS get lost when traveling. I have no sense of direction and am tired of being late or lost whenever I leave the house. The new UI gestures like pinching and flinging really make sense with this app.

I do wish the built-in Mail app was a little more sophisticated by having a built-in spam filter, ability to mass delete messages, and faster navigation between accounts. I don’t like having to climb all the way back to the main menu to jump to another account that has new messages. I think the bottom nav bar could be an easy place to provide these functions since now they’re kinda bare and static except for the “checking for messages” text.

The iPod is really really fun to use as are many of the other things that involve flinging or flipping or throwing. The extra steps it takes to accomplish tasks seems offset due to the fun factor of the UI.

I would also like to see AOL’s IM built in as well as a Keynote Player and a way to connect the device to a projector via the dock/usb cable. Maybe an adapter is in the works. If Leopard had been introduced on time, I bet the Keynote app would have been included as part of the refreshed iWork suite. If Apple can find a way for users to upload or sync Keynote presentations to the iPhone and allow it to power a projector, I’d be really blown away.

Finally, I would love to see Apple publish at least, a developer guide for creating Safari webapps and post it somewhere around here.

Next on the agenda is a case for the iPhone. I will DIE if it gets wrecked. This one looks to be quite durable and even makes the iPhone resemble a Newton.

iPhone Tidbits

From an interview Steve Jobs did at D 2007 via Engadget:

12:42pm – But the iPhone doesn’t REALLY have the whole OS X operating system on there…

The answer is: yes it does! The entire Mac OS is gigs, a lot is data. Take out the data — every desktop pattern, sound sample — if you look at Safari it’s not that big. It’s REAL Safari, REAL OS X. We put a different user interface on it to work with a multi-touch screen… it’s an amazing amount of software.

and on 3rd party apps:

Q: All indications appear that the iPhone is closed, we’d love to develop apps…

This is an important tradeoff between security and openness. We want both. We’re working through a way… we’ll find a way to let 3rd parties write apps and still preserve security on the iPhone. But until we find that way we can’t compromise the security of the phone.

I’ve used 3rd party apps… the more you add, the more your phone crashes. No one’s perfect, and we’d sure like our phone not to crash once a day. If you can just be a little more patient with us I think everyone can get what they want.

Leopard Wish List – Item 1

You know, the one thing that would be a beautiful Christmas present to Mac users would be a totally new Finder as one of their top secret features. So many people have piled on the damn thing, people have written apps to replace it, and with all the pretty eye candy we all know Apple’s user base loves to see, please Apple, just put some effort into the Finder and get it to the point where even Computerworld won’t cite it as 6 of the top 15 things Leopard needs to change.

Hidden Slickness

Now that I’m in the middle of rolling my own Cocoa app, I’m really paying more attention to lots of Mac apps that I rarely use for ideas and hints on how to handle things. One that caught my eye was one of the more recently annointed Best Mac Experience, Delicious Library. One thing I really liked was how they created this red banner across a view that called your attention to something that was important to the user:

What I didn’t know was that this already existed in Apple’s built-in app, Address Book:

Address Book also has tons of other little details in it that aren’t easily available to a developer via Interface Builder or in the Finder. Hmm. Interesting. Like those little icon buttons at the bottom of that window (update/keep both, etc).


The general rule of thumb is that you can only move OS X windows by dragging their titlebar or a bottom bar like in Safari. Other applications like GarageBand allow for window edge dragging because Apple just felt like it.

Well, this Application Enhancer makes all apps equal. It’s called WindowDragon. Simply put, it allows a window’s entire structure to be used as move or resize zone. In other words, WindowDragon makes it possible to move or resize a window by clicking anywhere within that window.

Additionally, WindowDragon allows you to resize a window from any corner, and it allows you to drag all of an application’s windows in tandem.