Creativity is just connecting things.
— Steve Jobs

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The Future of Siri

My quick thoughts on where Siri could/might go, and some questions that are yet to be answered by Apple.

  • Why, when Siri is activated, does she beep twice rather than greeting you with speech? (ie hello name)
  • If Siri gets its own API, will it be strangely reminiscent of AppleScript?
  • At what point will some apps become more useful via Siri than having their own dedicated UI?
  • Will developers be charged an access fee if they call on Siri for advanced actions?
  • Will Siri be able to communicate with Siri on another device? For example can a user ask an iPhone based Siri to delegate to multiple decision based devices?
  • Will system wide integration be the first step toward the duplication of key app functions that might force them to fade away, for example tweeting?
  • Will Siri learn to interpret data so that she can recommend products to you? Birthdays and anniversaries come to mind.
  • If Siri is fluent in other languages, will she eventually teach them to the user?