Creativity is just connecting things.
— Steve Jobs


Hi! I’m Matt Binkowski. I am the VP, Head of Product at Quikly in Detroit, Michigan and have worked with clients in numerous verticals (social expression, automotive, transport & logistics, finance, entertainment and technology). Prior to joining M3D I was head of UX, Design and Strategy for and all of its global properties. You can read all about my previous work experience here.

Outside of work, I’m a father of two of the cutest kids ever and have been married to my wife, Melissa for over 19 years. I’ve maintained this blog since June 2004 and it’s been through many iterations. I’ve ported this content from MovableType to WordPress to Blogger and back again. I’ve also redesigned it more times that I can remember.

It’s important to note that my views do not represent the views of my clients unless otherwise noted.