Creativity is just connecting things.
— Steve Jobs

Hallmark Kids Collection


Hallmark research finds a discrepancy between how much moms think they encourage their kids…and how much kids say they receive. To bridge that gap, Hallmark launched Kids Collection, products designed for parents to show their love, encouragement, understanding and acceptance of their children. The cards and gifts are designed for school-aged children in kindergarten through high school.

My goal was to help consumers visualize this product line in their homes and how they it could enhance a relationship with a child. Stylistically, the site employed a hand-drawn visual treatment juxtaposed with actual product photography placed throughout typical home environments. This allowed consumers to not just literally visualize the product their home, but subconsciously as to how it could become an everyday behavior. This approach helped promote its intended use, which was informal and frequent—two characteristics that the general product lines from Hallmark is not known for. The website and product line were warmly received by the target audience as well as independent and Corporate retailers.

You can read the official press release here.

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