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Ford Fusion App

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The 2013 Ford Fusion App, named by Mashable as “One of 6 Branded Apps on the Cutting Edge of Innovation”, was created to tease the general public and the global media prior to the vehicle’s official unveiling at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. From December 13, 2011 to January 9, 2012, the App automatically unlocked new content in the form of App features, visual transformations of the vehicle, as well as 20 3D driving environments. The Ford Fusion App also utilized Qualcomm Augmented Reality technology to introduce an alternate entry point to Ford content by allowing the user to scan the Ford blue oval logo when shown in a variety of settings—from a printout, to a computer monitor, to the actual badge found on the rear of Ford vehicles. This recognition acted as the key to enter the experience.

The core experience allowed users to drive the artfully camouflaged vehicle on challenging futuristic tracks which culminated in exclusive video interviews featuring key Fusion and Ford technology team members. Seven custom music tracks were released over the course of the experience. First, beginning with grooving techno beats and then finishing with sweeping orchestral arrangements. These helped create a more emotional connection to the consumer. The App also integrated social sharing via Twitter and Facebook to allow consumers to tweet or post screenshots and comments directly from the App to their accounts.

On launch day, users were treated to beautifully rendered 360° images of the vehicle in three exterior launch colors. Finally, the App unlocked a special final track that emulated the unreleased official marketing visual style.

Above is the reveal video released on January 9, 2012 which played simultaneously via mobile device and on Facebook.

Over 9000 downloads in 30 days with no paid media support
Appeared in 185 blog posts with a total audience of 12.5 million UMVs
Garnered coverage in key online publications such as the Wall Street Journal blog

Most importantly, my client gave the direct request that we gain the highest number of mentions/conversations at the Auto Show. According to data analyzed by Nielsen Buzz Metrics, that’s exactly what we accomplished:


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