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— Steve Jobs

Bin It!

Mobile App

The global awareness around recycling plastics has greatly increased in recent years. But like many great behaviors, it is easy for people to slip back into bad habits and old routines. Our client was looking for a way to engage all ages of people who encounter plastics in their daily lives and provide an entertaining and educational experience to reinforce the recycling behavior. We turned to casual mobile gaming as the vehicle to make that connection, and specifically to a genre of games that many people of all ages enjoy. Our version of the “toss” style game, however, took a more whimsical approach compared to many that lean in a more realistic direction. One interesting design decision was to introduce distractions into the gameplay that not just literally distracted someone from successfully throwing the bottle into the recycling container, but also symbolically as those things in life that prevent you from following through on your desire to live a greener life. The settings we chose were directly tied to the primary categories of content our client produces that helps bring further awareness to plastics in our everyday lives (home use, fashion and sports). The educational aspect of the experience was served in two ways. One was in the form of simple factoids that appeared before the user could play a level. The second was more involved by providing simple calculations that demonstrated just how many plastic water bottles it would take to be converted into a post-recycled product.

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