Betting on the Right Horse

When I decided I wanted to get a better handle on my finances, I looked online for alternatives to Quicken. I had used it in the past and found it to be a) not mac-like enough and b) total overkill for what I need.

My research into a new finance app uncovered a trend. There seemed to be a whole new wave of personal finance apps taking full advantage of Leopard and lots of other neat things.

I bet on Cha-Ching by Midnight Apps. For some reason, I felt like this app would eventually cover all my bases despite being a little low on the feature-side at initial launch.

I was right. Ars Technica has news about v2 and it sounds like they’re including all of the right features (a new transaction importer that will bring Smart Import Rules and auto-tagging) and then some:

Midnight Apps just got in touch to let us know that an iPhone client is on its way, complete with syncing to and from the Cha-Ching 2.0 desktop client. Exact syncing details are still being worked out (WiFi is a possibility, so is iDisk/WebDAV like OmniFocus for iPhone), but you can probably look for the Cha-Ching iPhone client when version 2 lands.

I personally can’t wait for this iPhone client as mentioned in a previous post. This one thing will help me become more aware of my finances on a daily basis instead of the once a month importing of bank statements.